Hoysala was an empire that ruled the area in south India that forms the present day state of Karnataka. While a number of ancient Indian empires are better known for their wars and conquests, Hoysala Empire is primarily popular for a different reason – their exquisite style of architecture.

Lady with mirror, Belur

Lady with mirror, Belur

Lady with mirror : Belur Over the three centuries they were in power, the Hoysalas built hundreds of temples in their own ever evolving school of architecture. Later these temples were called collectively as Hoysala temples. According to various historic estimates, over 100 specimens of Hoysala architecture survives today. Most of the Hoysala temples are scattered around Karnataka , especially in the southeastern part of the state which as once the stronghold of the Hoysalas. However a dozen or so of the Hoysala temples are particularly popular among the tourists and pilgrims. The prominent in this group are the Chennakesava Temple of Belur , Hoysalesvara Temple of Halebid and the Kesava Temple of Somnathpura . Nevertheless a host of other important Hoysala temples to would not fail to awestruck you for their jewel like beauty.

Some of the examples are

Hulikere (ornate stepped tank or Kalyani) ; Doddagaddavalli (Lakshmidevi temple) ; Koravangala (Govindeshwara, Nakeshwara and Bucheshwara temples) ; Chatachatahalli (Chatteshwara temple) ; Hebbalalu (Singeshwara temple) ; Jinanathapura (Shantinatha basadi) ; Ambuga (Prasanna Chennakeshava temple) ; Heragu (Kirthinarayana temple) ; Mosale (Nageshwara and Channakeshava temples) ; Holenarasipura (Narasimha temple) ; Honnavara (Keshava temple); Hirekadalur (Keshava temple) Hullekere (Channakeshava temple) ; Nuggehalli (Lakshminarasimha and Sadashiva temple) ; Basadihalli (Adinatha Basadi, Parshwanath Basadi and Saantinatha Basadi) ; (Mahalingeshwara temple) ; Javagal (Narasimha temple) ; Shantigrama (Yoganarsimha, Dharmeshwara and Keshava temples) ; Anekere (Chennakaesava temple) ; Mallarajapatna (Lakshmaneshwara temple) ; Mavathanahalli Haranahalli (Keshava and Someshwara temples) ; Arasikere (Ishwara temple) ; Anathi (Lakshminarayana temple) ; Mallikarjuna temple of Basaralu ; Lakshminarayana temple at Hosaholalu.

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