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Doddagaddavalli : How to reach ?

The highway - SH 57 - that takes you to Belur from Hassan

Doddagaddavalli : How to reach ?

Doddagaddavalli is a large village. But still direct bus connection from the nearby towns are few and far in between. The most comfortable way is to have your private transport. If you are not coming by own car, hire a taxi from Hassan. In about 20-30 minutes drive from Hassan you can reach Doddagaddavalli village.

Road to Doddagaddavalli

From Hassan head towards Belur. Take the BM Road ( Bangalore Mangalore Road) that runs right through the middle of the Hassan town. Head towards the Mangalore direction ( ie towards west from the town center). As you come out of the town (after SDM Ayurveda College on your right) , a junction appears with the Belur road on your right. The traffic thins out suddenly as you get to this road , that is the state highway 57 (SH57). This road is in excellent condition.

After about 12 kilometers you’ll reach a village called Kalkere. A green signpost on your left ( that is if it is not already been flicked! ) marks this village. Thanks to the excellent road condition and the absence of other major landmarks it is highly likely that you would overshoot this point.

After about 10 km from Hassan it is better to drive slowly watching on the left side of the road.

The major landmark for the road into Doddagaggavally are two huge hoarding of the tourism department on either side of the mud road ( on your left) that leads to Doddagadduvalli. One hoarding is of a Karnataka tourism map ( where the location of Doddagaddavalli is marked wrongly anyway!) and the other is with the picture of the Lakshmidevi temple of Doddagadduvalli. And it appears on you left , just before the village signpost.

Look for that hoarding on your left as you drive from Hassan. Take the mud road on the left to Doddageddavalli

The highway - SH 57 - that takes you to Belur from Hassan

This road takes you to the Doddagadavalli village square after about 3 km of winding through some rocky outcrops. Even before reaching the village square proper, you your left appears a large pond. On the other bank of the pond you can see the protruding towers of the temple. However you need to cross the village to reach at the gate of the temple. Ask for directions in the village. They would point you the path through some narrow village lanes.

If you are coming from the Mangalore side, take the BM road as the NH 48 hits bypass at the outskirts of Hassan. In other words take to road that goes into Hassan town. Shortly you can spot the Belur road ( SH 57) on your left at a main junction. The rest of the route is as mentioned above.

Similarly if you are driving from Bangalore and wants to avoid enetering Hassan town take the bypass road that goes towards Mangalore. At one point the NH48 crosses the roads that goes to Mysore (SH57) and then the road to Piriyapatna ( SH21) . Drive ahead crossing both the road. A few kilometers ahead take the right road that joins the junction of BM road and SH57. Take SH57 towards Belur.

The temple appears on the other side of the pond as you reach the Doddagaddavalli village

You can follow the above bypass route if you are driving from Mysore too. Take left into NH48 as the road from Mysore to Hassan ( this is also SH 57) crosses HN 48 at the outskirts of Hassan. Follow the route as mentioned in the above paras.

Hassan has good rail connectivity with Bangalore, Bangalore and Mysore.

There are plenty of local buses from Hassan to Belur. Catch one of it and get dropped at the point where the village road starts to Doddagaddavalli. Tell the conductor specially to inform you of this point.

Be prepared for about 3km (2 miles) walk to the Doddagaddavalli village from the main road. No auto-rickshaw services available here. An odd villager may offer to give you a free drop on his motorbike or tractor or even a bullock cart!

Return to the main road to catch a bus either to Belur or back to Hassan.

Travel by public transport is very much an option as long as you are prepared for a walk as mentioned above; have enough patience to wait for a bus; and have a leisure time schedule .