Everything about Hoysala monuments




Though well known in academic and archeological circles, Mosale can easily described as a hidden gem. The twin temples of Nageshwara and Channakeshava built in the typical Hoysala style stands at the edge of this farming village called Mosale near Hassan.

Hoysala temples at Mosale.

Hoysala temples at Mosale.

Though Mosale is just 14 km (9 miles) from Hassan , it is relatively difficult to access due to the limited availability of public transport. On the other hand if you are traveling by your own private vehicle, Mosale is just a 10 minute detour from the main road – that is the SH57 connecting Hassan to Mysore.

At about 10km (6 miles) from Hassan towards Mysore you can spot a large board of the state tourism department on your right. Immediately after this billboard a small village road appears on the right. About a kilometer into this road , you reach a Y junction. Take the left fork. The road finally reaches Mosale village after about 5 -10 minutes of zigzagging through a couple of villages.

Now how to reach Mosale using public transport ?

If you are game for a 2km ( 1 mile) walk to the village and patient enough with an unpredictable bus schedule , you can catch one of those buses (maxi cabs, tempos or whatever…) operate in the Hassan-Hole Narsipur- KR Nagar Route.

Ask to be dropped at the road that leads to Mosale. It is a bit tricky tough. This point is between Hassan and Hole Narsipur, about 10km from Hassan. The only landmark is the huge billboard by the tourism department. Auto-rickshaw are hardly seen in this area. So in all probability you’ve to walk all the way to Mosale from the main road.

Of course if you are lucky enough you may encounter one of those local buses operating in this area. Don’t forget that you’ve to walk back to the main road ( SH 57) and wait for a bus to appear in the horizon to pick you to Hassan or Hole Narsipur. Well, if you are used to bus journeys in rural Karnataka ,you know what it means.

The temples are protected with a fenced compound wall. There is a large gate at the rear of the compound and one right in front of the temple. The rear gate appears first as you approach Mosale village. If this is kept locked, go further into the village and approach the front gate. If this too is locked, ask for the caretaker in the village. Someone would help you trace the caretaker and to get the gate opened.